Detailed information about the services to the stands


Take care of your guests!

Order tasty catering to your stand from Paviljonki Restaurants, which is responsible of all our restaurant operations. We serve you with a varied selection, and can also design catering specifically to your wishes. Orders before the event: tiina.lampinen(at)
You can place orders during the exhibition by contacting our stand service, tel. +358 50 409 9003.

We have improved the restaurant coupon system easier to use!
You don´t have to order the coupons beforehand, we send to you on January the pdf-file, which include the personalized coupons (all coupon types on the same file and all coupon types are personalized by Qr-code) to your use. Coupons will be scanned on the restaurant cashier and after the exhibition you will get the invoice only the used amount of coupons.

You can copy and give the coupons as much as you want, we charge only the used one´s and the unnecessary you can throw away.


Our service partner InMics Ltd. installs all the communications interfaces.
Fixed internet connection To the stands for presentation use we recommend you order fixed internet connection, for we can guarantee its functioning. Workstation connection can be divided with for example your own WLAN-net.

– PaviljonkiFree WLAN is available at the lobbies and doesn’t require password – PaviljonkiPro WLAN is available in the halls and meeting facilities. User ID and password you get from the exhibition office. Both are free of charge, but we cannot guarantee flawless function.

In exhibitors lounge there is a computer with internet access at your service.

Network communication

The Jyväskylä Paviljonki network communication has designed to meet today’s changing needs. There are used fast and efficient technologies, so network can be scalable according to the event.

All network devices are under monitoring and potential problems are reacted around the clock. Firewalls and Wi-Fi controllers has been duplicated for faults, and there are backup devices for switches and base stations.

Network implementation

  1. The LAN switches has renewed in the fall of 2016. The network has been implemented with HP Aruba 2530 1G Poe + switches. For all edge switches is 1G fiber optic connection from main switches. During the change, fault awareness was improved (spanning tree) and prevented the possibility of interference in the network (dhcp snooping and loop protection). Annex 1.
  2. The wireless network has renewed in the fall of 2017. The network has implemented with Fortinet WLC50 cluster and the Fortinet FAP-U423EV-E access point represent the latest 802.11ac Wave2 technology. The biggest change was the 5 GHz network for the entire building. Controller: Annex 2 and Access Points: Annex 3 pages 9-14.
  • 802.11ac Wave 2
  • Dual Radio 2.4 & 5 GHz
  • 8 Exterior Antennas
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO
  1. A firewall cluster has renewed in winter 2017-2018. The firewall has implemented with the Fortinet 101E cluster. Annex 4.
  • Modern firewall cluster at 1G port speeds
  • Transparency (1518/512/64 bytes UDP packets) 7.4 / 7.4 / 4.4 Gbps
  • Latency (64 bytes UDP packets) 3 μs
  • Packets Per Second 6.6 Mpps
  • 2,000,000 simultaneous connections
  1. The Internet connection has implemented with the ISP (Elisa Oyj) 100M / 100M fiber optic connection. Public IP addresses are enough to use the events as well.


Lassila & Tikanoja Ltd is responsible for stand cleaning as our service partner.

Stand cleaning includes: – waste collection during construction – removal of plastic covers for carpeting – initial cleaning (carpet vacuuming and dusting) before the exhibition days – daily waste collection – final cleaning after the exhibition, when constructions have been removed.
If your stand has a lockable backroom and you want it to be cleaned as well, give the key to the cleaning person or leave the door open.

Electricity and connections
Our service partner Are Ltd manages all electrical work and connections.

Stand electricity includes electrification, the audit fee and electricity consumption.

The electricity in the exhibition halls will be switched off during the night, so night-time electricity for for example a refrigerator must be ordered separately.


Exhibition logistics
Our service partner, Finnish Fair Logistics Ltd, is responsible for for example forklift lifting and storage in Paviljonki. You can order also the entire logistics coordination. See the delivering addresses from the Checklist page.

Water, sewage and air
Jyväskylä Fair Ltd’s technical department takes care of the water and sewer connections, as well as compressed air (with equipment from Kaeser Compressors Ltd).